Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lab Meeting 2008.7.16

Two weeks since the last meeting, lots of news.

1. Friday (setup) & Saturday (1-6 pm) this week JDR has a booth for open campus. Posters, tanks, and microscopes will be displayed. Students from MISE will help (as paid volunteers). We originally planned to collect Palythoa specimens for display on Friday, but with the typhoon coming, ES, YI and TF went diving tonight! Good luck...
2. Mid-term presentations for 4th year students is on August 31st (Thursday). Resumes are due on the 24th at 3 p.m. Good luck! We will have a practice session on August 30th instead of the normal meeting. There will be a nomikai after the presentations are all done!
3. Deep-sea Animal book orders - FS and TF. JDR gets a discount! Check out this link (in Japanese):潜水調査船が観た深海生物―海洋研究開発機構-深海生物研究の現在-藤倉-克則/dp/4486017870
4. TF may go to Chiba - details later.
5. We also discussed summer vacation plans, 3rd year students joining the lab, and next week (JDR is away on a deep-sea cruise).
6. FS and JDR will go on a Nansei Island trip from after Obon. Likely sampling locations include Amami, Tokunoshima, Okinoerabu, and Yoron. Anyone is welcome to join!