Wednesday, September 30, 2009


There will be a "soubetsukai" for FS, who is heading to Florida from early next month. Please join!

Location: Ginjiro Izakaya, by the south gate
TIme and Date: from 8 pm, October 4th (Sunday)

Please come to wish FS luck!



科目:海洋349 サンゴ礁多様性保全学
(理327号室)水 1限目

担当教員(ライマー)の海外出張のため、サンゴ礁多様性保全学の最初の授業は10月21日(水)になります。10月14日(水)に授業が無くて、宜しくお願いします。10月21日に、 登録調整とコースの説明を行います。


Sorry for the Japanese only post!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall semester is coming!

Here is the link to the fall semester undergrad course JDR will be teaching...



Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lab meeting Sept. 16th, 2009

①Tanks this week: YS → next week: YM

②Lab trip to Oku: Sept. 26~28th

③Visitor from Smithsonian museum will come to Sesoko marine station for sampling of peppermint shrimp: at the end of September.

④Please organize your DNA samples in lab freezer. We need more space...

⑤There are new machines; desiccator, water filtration system

We don't have a meeting next Wednesday.
Have a good silver week!

Today's pics: Kamo aquarium in Yamagata

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lab meeting Sept. 9, 2009 and updates


Everyone is out in the field, or so it seems. Still, we need to update the blog. Here is the latest info:
1. Taiwan expedition and symposium: JDR and MO participated along with Hirose-sensei in sampling in both southern and northern Japan. We all also gave presentations at the special symposium (see posting earlier). All in all a great trip; we need to visit there more often! Big thanks to Shanky, Chen-sensei, and Nozawa-sensei for all their help!

Stay tuned for updates on this topic.

2. YK09-12 cruise at the Japan Trench: FS, CA, and TF finished the cruise with many samples despite the bad weather. In particular, many octocorals were collected.
3. 5th NCB: Being held in northern Japan now. TF and YI are participating, as well as sampling in the Japan Sea! Brrr.... Next NCB will be here in Okinawa.
4. JDR is now an associate editor of WoRMS - more info later.

Lab meeting today:
1. Tanks this week: YS
2. DNA classes next week: MO, MH, YS, MM participating!
3. YI wants a cheap new automatic car. Anyone with info please contact her.
4. Diving Friday at Sunabe: JDR and MH.

Have a great week!

Today's pic: Acrozoanthus in Kenting.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Omiyage and Taiwan

Ikuko Yuyama has brought some omiyage from her trip to a conference in the USA. The omiyage (pictured above) are in the refrigerator - please help yourself!

MO and JDR are off to Taiwan today. FS, CA, and TF are at the Japan Trench, and YI will go to the 5th NCB conference soon. Also, some 3rd years (HS, MM, TN) have been traveling in Japan too - busy summer holidays!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

YK09-12 update 2

Update from FS, aboard the YK09-12 cruise at the Japan Trench:

We are still in Mutsu Wan, the sky became blue and after a windy night the weather is now nice. However, the typhoon is still not far and we are now hoping to dive already tomorrow, but it looks difficult as we have a very long ride (more then 12 hours) to go to the site, and the sea outside of the bay is certainly still quite Rock n'Roll.
So in the meantime we are relaxing, writing papers, aligning sequences, and praying for good conditions.