Friday, January 30, 2009

Lab meeting 2009.1.28

Present: all but YS and YH.

1. Tanks this week: MO.
2. Habu - be careful! They are active even in winter.
3. Cars without entrance permit stickers need them by Feb. 27th. Get applications from the 2nd floor office.
4. CA is angry her scholarship money was reduced. BOOOOO! to the Japanese Ministry of Education and the 2nd floor office for a poor explanation.
5. JDR will go to Churaumi and Sesoko on Feb. 6th - let him know if you can go.
6. NCB - book ASAP (more details on this next week).
7. Suda-sensei's student Daphne will be working in our lab until the end of March sorting samples.

FS: Crane (NOT stork) pictures - very nice, but looks cold in Kagoshima!

Today's picture is of some zoanthids at Teniya last weekend (JDR, CA, TF).

Lab meeting 2009.1.21

Present: All but MH.

1. Tanks this week: YH.
2. Going to the beach; JDR and YH on Jan. 23rd as well as Kadena Marina. Let JDR know if you are interested.
3. Shopping? Slates ordered. Will order sterilizing tape.
4. FS - fondue tonight in the MISE lab from about 18:30 or 19:00. Mmmm... cheese.
5. Seatopia may be closing in March!
6. NCB - let JDR know if you can go, the dates for reservations are drawing close.
7. YM - his fish tanks are clean, so if you need a break check them out.

Next week: FS pictures of storks in Kagoshima.

Today's picture is of an Epizoanthus sp. These guys are cool, they look like aliens.

Lab meeting 2009.1.14

Sorry for the delay on posting; JDR has been swamped with work and tests to mark. But finally things are looking better...

Anyways, there are a backlog of information posts, so here is the first one.

Meeting Weds., Jan. 14, 2009

Present: all

1. Tanks this week: MH
2. Center University Entrance examinations this weekend; only students with permits are allowed on campus.
3. JDR is going to the ocean on the 16th with YS and YM. Interested people contact JDR.
4. 15th pm, CA will do experiments.
5. 20th am, JDR, CA, YM, YI, TF will go to Kadena Marina to look at wetsuits.
6. From next week lab meetings will be from 16:20 now that we have no seminars. This way CA can attend after her Japanese class.
7. ES and TF will go to Odo this week.
8. YM: according to Okinawa Pref., permits are needing for soft coral sampling when SCUBA diving, evidently since last year, but nothing is yet enforced. We may submit permits in the future through the Biology office.
9. FS will go to Hokkaido Feb 20-28th, then March 1-3 in Chiba, and Japan Cnidarian meeting (NCB) March 4-6. Diving on March 7th. Interested people contact him.
10. FS is also thinking of Ogasawara during Golden Week.

Shopping: Underwater writing slates (5 or 6).

Today's photo is of YH working at Odo marking Palythoa colonies.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lab meeting 2009.1.7

First meeting of the new year!

Present: All.

1. Party tomorrow from 19:30 - JDR's parents are in town! Meet at the izakaya at the North Gate.
2. Laser pointer - has anyone seen it since the last seminar last year?
3. Tests - the university is closed to students from Jan. 17th to 18th due to entrance tests. If you wish to come to the university, get paperwork from the 5th floor, fill it out and hand it in to the 2nd floor. Please be quiet on these days even if you are here.
4. Tank monitor: YS.
5. Cleanup after the meeting - boxes and paper.
6. TF and MO will go to Sesoko tomorrow if the weather is OK (it wasn't, and the trip was cancelled).
7. FS will go to Hokkaido in Feb - contact him if you are interested.
8. Pay MO money for presents to YI's parents from Korijima trip.
9. 4th years - make reservations at Kikibunseki Center for poster printing (done; Feb. 18th at 2pm).
10. MO - his first paper was accepted! Congratulations!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New MISE papers (last few months)

More papers from our members. Contact us for reprints!

1. Frederic Sinniger, James Davis Reimer, Jan Pawlowski. 2008. Potential of DNA sequences to identify zoanthids (Cnidaria: Zoantharia). Zoological Science 25: 1253-1260.
2. James Davis Reimer, Shusuke Ono, Frederic Sinniger, Junzo Tsukahara. 2008. Distribution of zooxanthellate zoanthid species (Zoantharia: Anthozoa: Hexacorallia) in southern Japan limited by cold temperatures. Galaxea 10: 1-11.
3. James Davis Reimer, Peter A. Todd. 2009. Preliminary molecular examination of zooxanthellate zoanthid (Hexacorallia, Zoantharia) and associated zooxanthellae (Symbiodinium spp.) diversity in Singapore. Raffles Bulletin of Zoology. (in press).

Just when you thought things couldn't possibly get weirder...

Bush makes the world's largest marine protected area! Add this to his previous marine protected zones, and he has protected more than any other president.


But, then again, don't forget all his non-nature friendly legislation.

Still, who would have predicted this?