Sunday, May 27, 2012

23th May lab. meeting

1. Nozaki-sensei suggested to clean the refrigerator at RS, second floor.
    date; 30th May 15:40 - 16:40
    If you use this, please join it.
2. Meeting organizer while Jamie is in Europe.
      May 30th; Kris
      June 6th; Takuma
      June 13th; Doris
      June 20th; Sung-yin
3.  Let's use RS budget.
     If you want something, ask Takuma, Sung-yin or Haruka.
4. Doris has Jamie room key.
5. Mid. term presentation will be held in October.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

16th May lab. meeting

1. Jamie will be absent from 26th May to 26th July.
    Takuma-san and Sung-yin take charge of our budget. If you want to buy something, please ask them.
    About primer order, Takuma-san, Sung-yin and Haruka can do it.
2. Micropipet for yellow tips is out of work sometimes.
    We will try other company's yellow tips. If it doesn't work too, we will buy new micropipet.
3. We will buy new dissecting microscope. Now, Masaru organizes it.
    If you have some question or request, please talk with him.

Monday, May 14, 2012

11th May lab. meeting

1. desk. Toru will use the desk which Megumi-san was using.
2. Yuka-san comes back from Hawaii on 27th May
3. Jamie will be at the Netherlands from 26th May to 26th June.
    During these days, let's have a meeting once every two weeks
    Contact pointers to Rising Star office are Takuma and Sung-yin.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2th May lab. meeting by email

1. The HOBO water temp loggers and HotStarTaq Plus Master Mix will arrive very soon (I checked with the office).
2. We can now order things on line, please tell me, Takuma, or Sung-yin.
3. The lab money is for emergency items. For Makeman shopping etc., we can use my budget, just let me know BEFORE you go shopping!
4. Jamie is gone May 8-10 on Ishigaki.
5. Haruka & Javier, can you do Kaichu Garbage survey soon?
6. Javier, Carey, Yuka: when do you want the next deadline for your thesis?