Wednesday, December 15, 2010

new paper!

We had a new paper on spawning in Palythoa accepted - congratulations to Mamiko for her hard work!

Mamiko Hirose, Masami Obuchi, Euichi Hirose, James Davis Reimer. Timing of spawning and early development of Palythoa tuberculosa (Anthozoa, Zoantharia, Sphenopidae) in Okinawa, Japan. Biological Bulletin (accepted).

Thursday, December 9, 2010

12/9 lab meeting

1. Nasu Satoko(3th student) will become lab. member from next week. (for a month)
2. When you notice that Rising star billding room's smell is bad, please tell it Jaime or Obuchi-san.
3. Now, we don't have a parking lot for Rising star billding.
4. Next week Mondey, Jamie will go to OIST at Uruma city.
                  Tuesday, Jaime, Kris and Nate will go diving to Bise. If you want, tell Jaime.
                  Thursday, a man who is German will come to lab.

5. Printer at Rising star buillding
    1th floor May be buy it...
    2th floor the memory is full now...
   Printer at room 354
    This is full work season. If you notice that printer's condition is crazy or paper will be reduced, 
    please tell it.

new paper!

Another paper of ours was accepted today:

James Davis Reimer, Masami Obuchi, Yuka Irei, Takuma Fujii, Yoko Nozawa. Shallow water brachycnemic zoanthids (Cnidaria: Hexacorallia) from Taiwan: a preliminary survey. Zoological Studies (accepted).