Thursday, June 23, 2011

22th June lab.meeting

1. New lab. member, Drew comes!
2. on this thursday, 2 researchers will come.
3. This friday, let's have a party at Paikaji.
   the start is 7:00pm.
4. 27-28th June, a resercher will visit to extract DNA.
5. it is better to have webpage for your reserch.
6. Be careful of a vehicle thief. In particular, go diving.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

8th June, Lab. meeting

1. Jamie will go to Malaysia and Singapore(13th - 22th, June)
e-mail is useful.
If you need his stamp, please go to the office(5F).
If you need some stuff, ask it to Obuchi or Takuma or Song-yin.

2. Dr. student arrive at airport.
after it, we should to do the paperwork to set his internet as soon as possible.

3. JAMSTEC reserchers will come.(for 2weeks)
we have to order the primer of Ctenophora.

4. 8th, August. PhD presentation

5. 15th, August. Masters presentation
(Organizer is M1 students)

6. 5th, August. 4years students intermediate presentation

7. This friday, Jamie party will be hold at his house.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

new paper!

Hi all,

Another paper of ours was accepted at the journal Pacific Science.

Marzia Bo, Antonella Lavorato, Cristina G. Di Camillo, Angelo Poliseno, Andrés Baquero, Giorgio Bavestrello, Yuka Irei, James Davis Reimer. Black coral assemblages from Machalilla National Park (Ecuador). Pacific Science (accepted).

This was the result of collaboration with an Italian and Ecuadorean group.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

1th June lab.meeting

1. please pay a tuition fee.

2. about our budget

3. Takuma have presentation on this Saturday (Japanese Society of Systematic zoology).

4. for 4th students, an intensive course of lectures will be hold.

5. JAMSTEC research (submarine)
  Ishigaki; 12th September-18th September
  Kikai-jima; 13th October-17th October 

25th May lab. meeting

1. TA, RA
offer the paper to scientific office before starting the work.

2. intermediate presentation
 4th students: 2th August
master: during the middle of October

3. International Coral Reef Symposium, 2012
it will be hold July, 2012. the abstract will be accepted from July, 2011.
Check the grant.
you can its details at official HP.

4. ethanol for fixing the samples
big samples: use 70% ethanol
small pieces: use 99.5% ethanol

5. Jamie next business trip
13th,June~22th,June (Singapore, Malaysia)

6. visitor
Dr. student from US (21th June~22th August)
JAMSTEC reserchers (23th June~14th July)