Saturday, August 30, 2008

New MISE papers (last 6 months)

Short list of new publications - contact us for PDFs or reprints.

1. James Davis Reimer, Cleveland Hickman. Preliminary survey of zooxanthellate zoanthids (Cnidaria: Hexacorallia) of the Gala�Lpagos and associated symbiotic dinoflagellates (Symbiodinium spp.). 2008. Gala�Lpagos Research. (in press)
2. Hirokazu Kuwahara, Yoshihiro Takaki, Takao Yoshida, Shigeru Shimamura, Kiyotaka Takishita, James Davis Reimer, Chiaki Kato, Tadashi Maruyama. 2008. Genome reduction in chemoautotrophic endosymbionts of deep-sea Calyptogena clams. Extremophiles.
3. James Davis Reimer. 2008. Implications for different diversity levels of Symbiodinium spp. (Dinophyceae, Suessiales) within closely related host genera: zoanthids (Cnidaria: Hexacorallia: Anthozoa) as a case study. Galaxea 10: 3-13.
4. James Davis Reimer, Frederic Sinniger, Cleveland Hickman. 2008. Zoanthid diversity (Anthozoa: Hexacorallia) in the Galapagos Islands: a molecular examination. Coral Reefs 27: 641-654.
5. James Davis Reimer, Masanori Nonaka, Frederic Sinniger, Fumihito Iwase. 2008. Morphological and molecular characterization of a new genus and new species of parazoanthid (Anthozoa: Hexacorallia: Zoantharia) associated with Japanese red coral (Paracorallium japonicum) in southern Japan. Coral Reefs. DOI 10.1007/s00338-008-0389-0.
6. Mamiko Hirose, James Davis Reimer, Michio Hidaka, Soichiro Suda. 2008. Phylogenetic analyses of potentially free-living Symbiodinium spp. isolated from coral reef sand in Okinawa, Japan. Marine Biology 155: 105-112.

Vietnamese zoanthids/thoughts

Here is a link to a recent article on some Zoanthus spp. that JDR contributed too.

While this site is commercial, I think the info on this site is quite accurate and well done. The owner takes time to make sure what is posted is correct. In fact, after a few years in the research business, I think some of the most knowledgeable zoanthid people are members of the aquarium trade. Their knowledge and access to specimens remains a relatively untapped potential source of scientific learning!

So, MISE members, take the time to check out those aquarium industry booths at conferences!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer Update


It has been a long time between posts, JDR was in Canada, and the FS and JDR sampled from Kagoshima all the way down to Okinawa, stopping off at Yakushima and Okinoerabu. Great dive sites and great islands, with only a lost snorkel and fin for damage during the trip. Check out the picutre above to give you an idea of what the Nansei Islands are like.

Other news:
1. The three 4th years had their tests for entering grad school - wish them luck!
2. New 3rd years MH and YS have decided on their research themes. MH will investigate Zoanthus sansibaricus and how morphology changes with depth, and YS will investigate morphological variation within Z. kuroshio. YH will (hopefully) decide soon after a few more dives.
3. The student room is looking new and nice, with new racks and desks for the 3rd years.
4. MO is off to Singapore next month on a similar program to what JDR did earlier this year for the Raffles Museum.
5. Camping at Cape Hedo for the lab is September 22-24; there is also a trip planned to Kumejima Island Sept. 13-15.
6. JCRS 11 is coming soon - this year it is in Shizuoka. Hopefully our lab will be well-represented.

Anyways, more next week! Have a nice weekend.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Midterm presentations and summer!

Long time no update, we have all been busy...

Here is what is new @ MISE:

1. Cruise to Hatoma Knoll - JDR went on the Natsushima to this hydrothermal vent area last month. No zoanthids, but some anemones and lots of great pictures.
2. Seminar presentations - YM, ES, TF, and YI all had presentations last month, and they all managed to finish them on time. Good job.
3. Midterm presentations - the 4th years had their presentations last week (see picture!). They went very well, and some good questions will also help them focus on future research. Otsukare sama to everyone. These presentations provided a good chance for us to all assess how our research is proceeding.
4. New students! - MH, YH, and YS all join our lab. Welcome!!

Summer from this week - safe diving and hopefully even I can get some research done.