Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lab Meeting 2008.7.16

Two weeks since the last meeting, lots of news.

1. Friday (setup) & Saturday (1-6 pm) this week JDR has a booth for open campus. Posters, tanks, and microscopes will be displayed. Students from MISE will help (as paid volunteers). We originally planned to collect Palythoa specimens for display on Friday, but with the typhoon coming, ES, YI and TF went diving tonight! Good luck...
2. Mid-term presentations for 4th year students is on August 31st (Thursday). Resumes are due on the 24th at 3 p.m. Good luck! We will have a practice session on August 30th instead of the normal meeting. There will be a nomikai after the presentations are all done!
3. Deep-sea Animal book orders - FS and TF. JDR gets a discount! Check out this link (in Japanese):潜水調査船が観た深海生物―海洋研究開発機構-深海生物研究の現在-藤倉-克則/dp/4486017870
4. TF may go to Chiba - details later.
5. We also discussed summer vacation plans, 3rd year students joining the lab, and next week (JDR is away on a deep-sea cruise).
6. FS and JDR will go on a Nansei Island trip from after Obon. Likely sampling locations include Amami, Tokunoshima, Okinoerabu, and Yoron. Anyone is welcome to join!


It isn't FOX TV, but there is an interview posted at this site:

Friday, July 11, 2008

ICRS update 2

Hello -

more updates. Perhaps too much to write here, but I have been meeting and talking to lots of great researchers. It looks like our lab will be swamped with more samples! Details when I return to Japan.

Also, FS and my presentation is reviewed here...

Talk to you soon!


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

ICRS update 1

Hello everyone,

JDR here at Ft Lauderdale. I have been busy busy but having a great time. Here are some updates and news from this huge conference (2500 people):

1. ES - I have some info on Palythoa spawning in the Caribbean from Dr. Acosta.
2. FS - I am certain we will be getting many more samples! Now working on Isozoanthus samples from Ireland.
3. I have been talking a lot with Symbiodinium people too, and have some interesting experiment ideas.
4. Met Tim Swain (check out his 2007 paper), we had a great zoanthid talk.

Presentation yesterday went great, I am now free to relax, watch talks, and have beer with some great people and researchers.

See you next week!


JDR from Ft Lauderdale

Friday, July 4, 2008

Galapagos guide book!

A new guidebook on corals and other cnidarians of the Galapagos has been published. The author, Cleveland Hickman Jr., invited JDR in 2007 on a cruise to the islands. Included in the guidebook are several pages on zoanthids. Overall, the guide is very well done. Take a look at JDR's copy or order one yourself!

Lab Meeting 2008.7.4

Today's picture is of MISE at the Convention Center beach, about to collect Zoanthus spp. for a 1st year lab course. Hot!

Great lab meeting this week.

1. The 5th floor histology room is ready and everyone is registered. If you want to use it, book the room in advance using the sheet on the door. JDR will order a bin for throwing away chemicals. If you have questions ask Yasuda-san.
2. Tanks - next week ES.
3. Midterm presentations for 4th year students - August 31st.
4. Next week no meeting as JDR (Florida) and FS (family) are not in the lab.

ES introduced her three favorite Okinawan soba shops, and three favorite sweet shops. She even brought some bread from her favorite bakery! Great.

Happy birthday to YI - we had a cake (thanks again to ES).