Monday, May 31, 2010

Ningaloo update

Hi all,

If you want to check out what is happening with CReefs Ningaloo 2010 expedition (with YI and CA participating), go to;



Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 19th meeting

Not so much news this week.

1. Be professional, keep your experiment logs, and always record all data! Don't be slack, this could lead to big problems down the road.
2. For master's students, there are scholarships for conferences available.
3. If you wish to participate in the Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar, the deadline for application is June 21st.
4. New building, we need LAN paperwork to connect to the net!
5. Anna's goodbye party - May 28th - yakiniku! HS is the organizer.
6. Next week, MO is in charge of the meeting (JDR will be on holiday likely).
7. Put things back exactly where you found them in the lab - scissors and vinyl tape are missing.

May 12th meeting

Lots of news this week:

1. Job openings: Active Ranger on Ishigaki and in Naha Mangrove Wetlands.
2. Please shut all lids in the lab tightly!
3. May 19th - new building has internet and phones.
4. 3rd years: two people have been decided on, and will enter the lab. MN and SN.
5. Part time jobs available: a) Sperm Conference - see Takemura-sensei.
b) Toxicology conference - June 16-18th - see Yamasaki-sensei.
6. May 29th - English school kids walk on the beach at Toguchi- who wants to be a volunteer guide?
7. June 25th, Nishihira-sensei will give a special presentation on coral reef biodiversity.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lab meeting May 12th

We held the lab meeting in the new RS Research Building - very nice!

Points of discussion:
1. Active Ranger jobs available in Naha and on Ishigaki. Ask Tsuchiya-sensei for details.
2. Part-time jobs for conferences: a. Sperm conference, June 24-29 - ask Takemura-sensei.
b. Toxicology conference, June 16-18th - ask Yamasaki-sensei.
3. We can "officially" move into the new RS building on May 19th, when internet and the phones are connected.
4. Two 3rd years (MN, SN) have unofficially entered the lab, we still have space for one more.
5. May 29th - English children's reef walk and picnic at Toguchi, if you are interested in helping see JDR.
6. Don't forget to keep your shoes out of the middle of the hall for the cleaning lady to be able to move her cart by our lab.
7. June 25th, Nishihira-sensei (famous coral reef biologist) will give a special presentation on coral reef biodiversity.
8. Taiwan summer exchange program - (see poster above), if you are interested contact JDR.

Friday, May 7, 2010

New paper!

Our first sponge paper was accepted at Zoological Studies!

James Davis Reimer, Yoko Nozawa, Euichi Hirose. Domination and disappearance of the black sponge: a quarter century after the initial Terpios outbreak in southern Japan. Zoological Studies (accepted).