Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meeting 2008.10.22

JDR had only two hours' sleep, so apologies for any mistakes in advance.

Today's meeting info:
Present: JDR, FS, YM, CA, TF, ES, MH, YH, YS
Absent: MO (Tokyo), YI (Churaumi Aquarium)

1. Please pay JDR money for Hedo camping if you have not already! He is a bit poor this week.
2. 3rd year/Master's seminar: will be held on Wednesdays after lab meetings. We explained guidelines and rules today. JDR also handed out schedules and information later Weds. Check your desk or inbox!
3. JCRS 11 poster printing: JDR will make reservations tomorrow. We will print between Nov. 18-20, depending on available times.
4. 3rd years - good luck on your research. Now is the time to get started seriously before spring exams and job hunting!
5. TF is tank water manager this week. Yoroshiku!
6. JDR, FS, YM, TF, and MH went to Manza last week after visiting Churaumi Aquarium. Great dive! Also, we got to see YI doing her on-the-job training class at the aquarium. Nice boots! YM will do some electron microscopy with Nonaka-san.

1. JDR off to Townsville, Australia for the3rd Japan-Australia Marine Research meeting. Oct.25-Nov.1
2. FS is thinking of Yonaguni sometime over winter holidays (Dec. 24-Jan.9)
3. FS and TF go to Chiba from Nov. 1st to Nov. 5th to work with Yanagi-san on histology and DNA.

Today's presentation was CA, who showed us pictures of Colombia. The food looked particularly good. Next week; YM.

Today's picture is an octocoral at Manza from last weekend - CA.

Have a nice week!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lab meeting 2008.10.15

Just a few things this week at the meeting:

Present: Everyone except YS.
1. Tanks: We are back to weekly tank-keepers. This week is ES, next week is TF, and the last week of October is MH. We have a salinity meter, and pH monitor as well, so please use these. Even if you do not go to the beach, it is the monitor's job to remind others to get seawater.
2. We will have weekly seminars for 3rd years and masters students on Wednesdays from about 16:30 in room 528. This is for YM, CA, MH, YH, and YS, but others can attend too. Don't forget to register by October 23rd!
3. As well, we will have a writing class for students interested in writing papers. MO, YM, CA, YI, and TF wish to join. It will be on Thursdays at about 5 pm.
4. FS will go to NE Okinawa on Saturday. If you are interested please tell him.
5. JDR, YM, CA, TF, MH, and FS will go to Churaumi and Bise for research/diving next Tuesday.

MO did a quick slide show today, showing us pictures of Singapore.

Today's picture is from CA's entrance ceremony last week.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lab meeting 2008.10.8

Quick meeting this week, many small announcements...

1. CA has arrived - and has met everyone but YH. She also brought some nice souvenirs from Colombia with her. TF is addicted to them already. Welcome to the lab!
2. From next week (Oct. 15th) we will have small presentations during the lab meetings every week. If he is here, MO will show pictures from Singapore.
3. For students who have not paid, please pay JDR for 1) Hedo camping, and 2) JCRS air tickets. Thank you.
4. Tank management will start next week, rotating turns as detailed last week. You do not necessarily have to get water yourself if you arrange for someone else to get some.
5. Wish list - MISE has a bit of extra budget. Write your ideas down on the list on the fridge in the student room.
6. This weekend, FS and JDR will take CA to the beach for a snorkel. Place and date to be announced on Friday. We may have a BBQ too, as we have extra charcoal left over from Hedo camping. All welcome!
7. Yakiniku this Friday night. We will leave the university around 6:30 pm. All welcome. Location: Chatan.
8. The eMac is now hooked up to the net, so feel free to use it for pictures, net, or music.

9. YH needs to explain the lab rules to YS, who will make a sheet.
10. Two new iBooks arrive tomorrow for CA and YI.
11. All 3rds years - buy slippers for the lab ASAP, and CA too!

Have a nice weekend, and check out this link (look at the bottom right corner)!

Oh yes, MR says thanks thanks thanks for the wanwan!

Today's picture: Tasty-looking lobster from Oku. All we took were photos. Photo: FS.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Course Blog

Blog link for Coral Reef Diversity and Conservation course to be taught by JDR added. Check here for class updates and recommnded reading.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lab Meeting 2008.10.1

End of summer, fall semester is almost here...

Notes from today's meeting:
Present: FS, MO, YM, ES, TF, JDR
Absent: YI (touring Okinawa), MH & YH (visiting home), YS (broken motorbike)

1. Tanks: The two common tanks will have a "monitor" every week to make sure they are OK. As well, the monitor will make sure there is enough ocean water, and take steps to ensure that people get water. Also, occasionally water should be changed, as otherwise salt content will become higher and higher. For individual's tanks (YM and TF), you are responsible for your own tank!

2. "Normal" lab meetings with short (5 min) presentations will start Oct. 15th - if he is here, MO will show Singapore pictures.

3. The student room key is now on your right side when you enter the experiment room, on a hook. Don't panic if you can't find the key in its old location.

4. Don't forget to pay lab money.

5. We have some extra budget, so if there is anything you need write it on the "wish list" on the student room fridge.

6. When you know your 2nd term schedule, please tell JDR, so we can arrange a lab seminar. For this term, 3rd years and Masters students will all do the seminar together. 4th years are also welcome to attend, of course.

7. CA arrives this weekend! We made desk space for her, and discussed going to the airport to pick her up. FS, YI, ES, and JDR et al. will go welcome her. We will have dinner earlier at the airport too. Probably (if the weather is fine) we will go to the student festival on Sunday.

8. FS and YM will get an inkan ordered for CA. JDR will take her to the bank.

That's all for now, have a great week.

Today's picture is YH taking a picture of a lion fish at Oku during the camp trip.