Wednesday, June 27, 2012

27th June lab meeting

1. Wireless internet was fixed. We can use it again.

2. Mac PC at student room has been crushed.

 When you drive to RS through Engineer building, please close the gate which is front of  the  building after you through it. An engineer prof. feel uncomfortable that someone drive through it.
If you face some trouble, send e-mail to Jamie soon.

4. Jamie got a lot of Zoanthids PDF from Leiden museum. If you need, please ask him.

5. Jamie's schedule.
7th July - 16th July ; goes to Australia(ICRS)
27th July - 4th August ; goes to Singapore
15th - 17th August  ; goes to Ishigakijima
6. Sequencing
Kris is thinking to send sequences on this Friday.

7. Microscope cleaning
3rd July, common dissection microscope will be cleaned.
Don't use that day.

8. Lab. member's schedules
Carey will be absent from 4th July to 25th July (ICRS)
Kris will be absent from 8th July to 17th July (Symposium)
Haruka will be absent from 5th July to 16th August (ICRS and research)
And, Takuma, Javier and Masaru will be absent from 5th July to end of July (ICRS).

9. A second year student will become our lab member among one month.
If you want to be her mentor, please tell Jamie until 2rd July.
It is like part time job.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

20th June lab meeting

Almost no announcement.
Doris is thinking to send sequences. If you want, please tell her.
Today, Taku-san came to lab meeting.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

13th lab. meeting

1. If you start a lot of PCR, please make sure the rest of Hot start taq in advance.
2. We order total 2 box of DNeasy kit.
3. Please hand your Kaichu-douro data to Kris ASAP.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

6th June lab meeting

1. The yellow tips, which are different type from what we used originally, arrived.
    We ordered two boxes. Let's make sure if these fit to our micropipet.
2. EtBr arrived. Takuma and Haruka made new diluted one.
3. We will buy new dissection microscope and camera.
    The camera considered to buy is set until 7th June for test.
4. Please make sure of switching off a light microscope after you use.
5. In our DNA room, a space in the shelves is almost full.
    So, let's put each person's bottle of TAE Buffer and DW together and make common one.
6. At RS, let's separate the places of Ethanol bottle and Formalin bottle.
7. We have only one PCR machine.
    We can use the common one at 5th floor.
    If you want to start to use them, it is better to ask someone who know the methods of using.
8. This Friday, Haruka, Kris and Doris send sequences. They have complete 2 plates.
    Next week, Haruka and Yuka will send sequences. If you join, please tell them.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

30th May lab. meeting

1. Kris, Carey and Nate will be go to Miyako from 4th to 6th June.
2. Takuma will be absent from 8th to 20th June.
3. 8th June, Haruka, Kris and Doris will be send the sequences.
    If you want to join, let Haruka know.