Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another paper!

We just had the following paper accepted in the journal Marine Biology as a feature article!

Desmond Ong Chin Wei, James D. Reimer, Peter A. Todd. Morphologically plastic responses to shading in the zoanthids Zoanthus sansibaricus and Palythoa tuberculosa. Marine Biology

Monday, December 17, 2012

New papers and news links

Some new papers:

Two new species of Neozoanthus (Cnidaria, Hexacorallia, Zoantharia) from the Pacific. James Davis Reimer, Yuka Irei, Takuma Fujii. ZooKeys 246: 69-87.

Taku Ohara, Takuma Fujii, Iori Kawamura, Masaru Mizuyama, Javier Montenegro, Haruka Shikiba, Kristine White, James D. Reimer. First record of mesophotic Pachyseris foliosa reefs in Japan. Marine Biodiversity (in press).

And some news links to the first one: