Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lab Meeting 2008.6.18

Summer is here, officially we are done with rainy season. And tomorrow is the beach.

Anyways, this week's announcements:

1. Lagoon - Sato-san at the Ishigaki International Coral Reef Monitoring Center has requested our lab to write an article introducing research done in our lab. This is a great opportunity to get the word out on our work, so we will all write something.
2. Room plan - we discussed space, and the potential addition of new students. Looks like we will be crowded, but we all voted not to move to another older room.
3. Diving tomorrow - Bise! Leave at 08:40. JDR, FS, YI, TF, ES will participate.
4. ES at Sesoko this week, checking Palythoa spawning. We hope something happens...
5. Histology room - the 5th floor room is now ready for use. We must record names with Hidaka-sensei.
6. FS will go to Hedo this weekend. Email him if you are interested.
7. Shopping at Makeman - JDR. Will buy sample trays, and a few odds and ends.
8. Presentation - JDR talked about reticulate evolution and its potential in zoanthids.

Today's picture in from Miyako-jima last week, YI is a sunaginchaku-sensei. Good practice for the 3rd years perhaps!