Thursday, June 9, 2011

8th June, Lab. meeting

1. Jamie will go to Malaysia and Singapore(13th - 22th, June)
e-mail is useful.
If you need his stamp, please go to the office(5F).
If you need some stuff, ask it to Obuchi or Takuma or Song-yin.

2. Dr. student arrive at airport.
after it, we should to do the paperwork to set his internet as soon as possible.

3. JAMSTEC reserchers will come.(for 2weeks)
we have to order the primer of Ctenophora.

4. 8th, August. PhD presentation

5. 15th, August. Masters presentation
(Organizer is M1 students)

6. 5th, August. 4years students intermediate presentation

7. This friday, Jamie party will be hold at his house.