Saturday, April 14, 2012

11th April lab. meeting

1.    More responsibility for all.
a.    Make sure you are reading emails, communication.
2.    Jobs this year.
a.    ordering online – Jamie, Takuma, Sung-yin
b.    ordering primers – Jamie, Takuma, Sung-yin – teach Doris
c.     DNA – Carey, Kris, Takuma
d.    Lab money - Masaru
e.    Lab blog - Haruka
3.    Grad students – seminar plans – start in May.
4.    Sung-yin/Carey and others, funding opportunities.
5.    Lab TA jobs, dates, plan.
6.    Ordering things  list anything you want.
7.    RS Building situation. Any problems let Jamie know.
8.    Money for JAMBIO. Pay Jamie!
9.    Survey with Taku next week, who can join?
10. Jobs – Kaichu work. Kris, and also Megumi backup person.
11. New members may come to seminars/lab meetings.
12. Peter Todd visit, seminar, and izakaya Friday in Uruma.
13. Paperwork for Kaichu.
14. Oku money. Calculating now. Sorry for the delay!
15. April 25th is a Monday!
16.  Summer course in Taiwan.