Friday, July 4, 2008

Lab Meeting 2008.7.4

Today's picture is of MISE at the Convention Center beach, about to collect Zoanthus spp. for a 1st year lab course. Hot!

Great lab meeting this week.

1. The 5th floor histology room is ready and everyone is registered. If you want to use it, book the room in advance using the sheet on the door. JDR will order a bin for throwing away chemicals. If you have questions ask Yasuda-san.
2. Tanks - next week ES.
3. Midterm presentations for 4th year students - August 31st.
4. Next week no meeting as JDR (Florida) and FS (family) are not in the lab.

ES introduced her three favorite Okinawan soba shops, and three favorite sweet shops. She even brought some bread from her favorite bakery! Great.

Happy birthday to YI - we had a cake (thanks again to ES).