Wednesday, July 9, 2008

ICRS update 1

Hello everyone,

JDR here at Ft Lauderdale. I have been busy busy but having a great time. Here are some updates and news from this huge conference (2500 people):

1. ES - I have some info on Palythoa spawning in the Caribbean from Dr. Acosta.
2. FS - I am certain we will be getting many more samples! Now working on Isozoanthus samples from Ireland.
3. I have been talking a lot with Symbiodinium people too, and have some interesting experiment ideas.
4. Met Tim Swain (check out his 2007 paper), we had a great zoanthid talk.

Presentation yesterday went great, I am now free to relax, watch talks, and have beer with some great people and researchers.

See you next week!


JDR from Ft Lauderdale