Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer Update


It has been a long time between posts, JDR was in Canada, and the FS and JDR sampled from Kagoshima all the way down to Okinawa, stopping off at Yakushima and Okinoerabu. Great dive sites and great islands, with only a lost snorkel and fin for damage during the trip. Check out the picutre above to give you an idea of what the Nansei Islands are like.

Other news:
1. The three 4th years had their tests for entering grad school - wish them luck!
2. New 3rd years MH and YS have decided on their research themes. MH will investigate Zoanthus sansibaricus and how morphology changes with depth, and YS will investigate morphological variation within Z. kuroshio. YH will (hopefully) decide soon after a few more dives.
3. The student room is looking new and nice, with new racks and desks for the 3rd years.
4. MO is off to Singapore next month on a similar program to what JDR did earlier this year for the Raffles Museum.
5. Camping at Cape Hedo for the lab is September 22-24; there is also a trip planned to Kumejima Island Sept. 13-15.
6. JCRS 11 is coming soon - this year it is in Shizuoka. Hopefully our lab will be well-represented.

Anyways, more next week! Have a nice weekend.