Saturday, October 17, 2009

Update coming home from Costa Rica

Hi! JDR here with a small update:

1. Costa Rica was great - Prof. Jorge Cortes was a great host. Hopefully we can do more work in the future, and perhaps even set up some kind of agreement.
2. US bases in Okinawa need to be re-examined!! They provide economic help to Okinawa, but in some aspects they are not welcome - noise and pollution. Also, admittedly admission policies and privacy of personal information are not very good eother - just ask CA. Here is hoping the new government does NOT approve Henoko and moves Futenma out of Okinawa.
3. On the other hand, the new Japan govt. has evidently cancelled the JSPS Wakate S program for the next year (forever??). Another boo!

Ahhh, if only science and research was not influenced by politics...

See you soon!