Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 12th meeting

Lots of news this week:

1. Job openings: Active Ranger on Ishigaki and in Naha Mangrove Wetlands.
2. Please shut all lids in the lab tightly!
3. May 19th - new building has internet and phones.
4. 3rd years: two people have been decided on, and will enter the lab. MN and SN.
5. Part time jobs available: a) Sperm Conference - see Takemura-sensei.
b) Toxicology conference - June 16-18th - see Yamasaki-sensei.
6. May 29th - English school kids walk on the beach at Toguchi- who wants to be a volunteer guide?
7. June 25th, Nishihira-sensei will give a special presentation on coral reef biodiversity.