Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lab meeting on Sept 17th, 2010

1. Sampling help for KW. Her specialty is amphipod and she is trying to get more samples. If you bring back some coral rubble when you go diving, it will help her study. Ask KW directly about the detail.

2. JCRS (Japanese Coral Reef Society) conference will be held in Tsukuba during December 1st ~ 5th. The dead line for application is on September 30th.
Check the website for more information.

3. We will have the CA's farewell party on September 30th, probably at Paikaji.

4. There will be a NCB meeting (unofficial) during October 1st ~ 4th at the Rising Star building.

5. We have small display at the Okinawa Prefectural Museum during 19th ~ 26th.
Here is the schedule.

18th: Setting JR, MO, TF, YI (13:00~17:00)
19th: MO, HS (9:00~17:30)
20th: TF, YH (9:00~17:30)
21st : closed
22nd: YI, OT? (9:00~17:30)
23rd: JR, MO (9:00~17:30)
24th: JR, MO (9:00~17:30)
25th: MM, HS (9:00~17:30)
26th: JR, MO (9:00~17:30)