Wednesday, September 15, 2010

new papers! & update

Slow summer, many people off doing field work.

Two new papers:
1. James Davis Reimer, Frederic Sinniger. Discovery and description of a new species of Abyssoanthus (Zoantharia: Hexacorallia) at the Japan Trench: the world’s deepest known zoanthid. Cahiers de Biologie Marine (accepted).
2. Yoko Nozawa, Kouki Tanaka, James Davis Reimer. Reconsideration of surface structure of settlement plates used in coral recruitment studies. Zoological Studies (accepted).

Also, from September 19-26, our lab will have a display at Okinawa Prefectural Aquarium - part of a Rising Star poster session., Drop by and check it out.

Other news:
1. TF is back from the CReefs Lizard Island trip. Trip details can be found at:

2. Both a recent Epizoanthus paper and a paper in Marine Biotechnology are the cover articles for their issue.