Thursday, April 7, 2011

6th, April lab. meeting

1. undergraduate students seminar
It will be hold at Wednesday. everybody can join.

2. graduate students(Reimer lab.) seminar
It will be hold at Wednesday, afternoon.

3. Jamie business trip
18-19th,April  Ishigaki(with Kris)
25th,April - 20th,May Australia (date may be changed)
13-22th,June Singapore
8-16th,July Iriomote

4. Yuka-san study abroad
leave Okinawa in July, the second week

5. water mentenance
9th,April will be no water day

6. Next Wedensday
After lab. meeting, We will talk about the diving safety rule.
Please attend.
And after it, the seminar explanation (for graduate students) will be hold.