Friday, May 16, 2008

Welcome to...

Lab Overview:
In the Department of Chemistry, Biology and Marine Science, MISE focuses on research into coral reef invertebrate biology using ecological and molecular methods. Currently, members of MISE are particularly interested in zoanthids, soft corals, and sea stars.

Lab Members:

James Reimer - associate professor
Frederic Sinniger - JSPS post-doctoral fellow
Masami Obuchi - doctorate course student (3rd year)
Yu Miyazaki - masters course student (1st year)
Yuka Irei - undergraduate student (4th year)
Takuma Fujii - undergraduate student (4th year)
Eriko Shiroma - undergraduate student (4th year)

This page is still under construction, but will expand (hopefully quickly) as we work on it. Members of the lab will also have their own pages to introduce their research. Stay tuned.