Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lab Meeting 2008.5.28

Here are the topics discussed in today's lab meeting.

from JDR:
1. Buy slippers now! (this means JDR/YM/ES).
2. FS will go to Hedo this weekend (see the last post).
3. On June 14th at Ryudai, there will be a workshop related to the G8 discussing environmental and energy problems. The panel will include three Nobel Prize winners. It will be held in English; if you are interested please tell JDR. A poster is posted in the student room.
4. Ishigaki - potential sampling of Palythoa and helping with PTX research on the Nagasaki Maru from June 17-21. Interested - tell JDR!
from ES:
1. Sampling at Odo tomorrow a.m.
from MO:
1. Night dive tonght at Mizugama.
2. Pay your monthly (200 yen!) fee.
from YM:
1. His fish food is in the fridge in the student room; don't eat it!

presentation: MO introduced his research.