Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lab Meeting 2008.5.22

Today we had our weekly lab meeting. We will not discuss anything top secret on this blog, but will try to post our weekly meetings to give you an idea of what goes on in our lab.


1. Formalin usage sheet has been posted in the lab - please fill it out when using formalin! (JDR)
2. We discussed sampling trip protocol - which is the following:
a. Write your name on the calendar in the lab when you are planning to go to the beach. You become the organizer of the trip, and are responsible for tanks and paperwork.
b. Other lab members contact you to express interest.
c. The day before the trip, write the location on the calendar. Contact interested people to arrange tanks, cars, and times.
d. Send JDR an email before entry with location, and another upon exit - just in case! (JDR & FS)
3. Lab - a. keep the DNA area clean, no bare feet (please buy sandals), and went over experiment protocol (talking, sneezing, etc.).
b. ES will make a "performing experiment" sign for the door. (JDR & FS)
4. Okinawa Zoology Conference this Saturday in the new Science Building. 1000 yen for students. Take a look! (JDR)
5. Trips: ES - Sesoko May 22-27th for Palythoa spawning.
JDR - JAMSTEC May 22-27 for DNA work
FS - Hayama and Chiba May 23-28 for sampling and museum specimens
6. Presentation - FS - Sample management and Google Earth.

That's all for now.