Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lab meeting 2008.10.15

Just a few things this week at the meeting:

Present: Everyone except YS.
1. Tanks: We are back to weekly tank-keepers. This week is ES, next week is TF, and the last week of October is MH. We have a salinity meter, and pH monitor as well, so please use these. Even if you do not go to the beach, it is the monitor's job to remind others to get seawater.
2. We will have weekly seminars for 3rd years and masters students on Wednesdays from about 16:30 in room 528. This is for YM, CA, MH, YH, and YS, but others can attend too. Don't forget to register by October 23rd!
3. As well, we will have a writing class for students interested in writing papers. MO, YM, CA, YI, and TF wish to join. It will be on Thursdays at about 5 pm.
4. FS will go to NE Okinawa on Saturday. If you are interested please tell him.
5. JDR, YM, CA, TF, MH, and FS will go to Churaumi and Bise for research/diving next Tuesday.

MO did a quick slide show today, showing us pictures of Singapore.

Today's picture is from CA's entrance ceremony last week.