Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meeting 2008.10.22

JDR had only two hours' sleep, so apologies for any mistakes in advance.

Today's meeting info:
Present: JDR, FS, YM, CA, TF, ES, MH, YH, YS
Absent: MO (Tokyo), YI (Churaumi Aquarium)

1. Please pay JDR money for Hedo camping if you have not already! He is a bit poor this week.
2. 3rd year/Master's seminar: will be held on Wednesdays after lab meetings. We explained guidelines and rules today. JDR also handed out schedules and information later Weds. Check your desk or inbox!
3. JCRS 11 poster printing: JDR will make reservations tomorrow. We will print between Nov. 18-20, depending on available times.
4. 3rd years - good luck on your research. Now is the time to get started seriously before spring exams and job hunting!
5. TF is tank water manager this week. Yoroshiku!
6. JDR, FS, YM, TF, and MH went to Manza last week after visiting Churaumi Aquarium. Great dive! Also, we got to see YI doing her on-the-job training class at the aquarium. Nice boots! YM will do some electron microscopy with Nonaka-san.

1. JDR off to Townsville, Australia for the3rd Japan-Australia Marine Research meeting. Oct.25-Nov.1
2. FS is thinking of Yonaguni sometime over winter holidays (Dec. 24-Jan.9)
3. FS and TF go to Chiba from Nov. 1st to Nov. 5th to work with Yanagi-san on histology and DNA.

Today's presentation was CA, who showed us pictures of Colombia. The food looked particularly good. Next week; YM.

Today's picture is an octocoral at Manza from last weekend - CA.

Have a nice week!