Sunday, November 2, 2008

JDR back from Aus

Hi all,

Back from Aus and a great meeting at AIMS, with a layover in Taipei and discussion with Allen Chen. Here are my thoughts/news/ideas on things in no particular order:

1. Marine biodiversity is getting a big push, not only in reefs, but in other areas, like the deep, lagoons, continental plains, etc. FS was right that we need to dive in "less beautiful" places!
2. Technology is going to be huge in the near future. This is obvious, but things like AUVs and ROVs, remote sensors, etc. will change how we measure biological data. We need to get on the wave.
3. Japan is VERY far behind in some areas, particularly education of university-level students, and facilities. Ryudai and almost every other university I have seen here would be put to shame by what is happening in Aus. I hope someone higher up in Japan wakes up before it is too late! One concrete example: use of the internet and computers as a teaching tool. Japan is still in the 70s or 80s...
4. We are also way behind, or perhaps a lost cause, in terms of management. GBR management, while imperfect, is miles ahead of what happens here. Perhaps I will become an eco-warrior. Someone has to drag us out of the Stone Age.
4b. Well, at least Japan and JAMSTEC are miles ahead on deep-sea stuff...
5. Great researchers in Aus, hope to get there again.
6. Dr. Carden Wallace and the Tropical Queensland Museum have a great coral collection. Wow.
7. Dr. Allen Chen and his lab are active, fun, and would be a great place for any of us to go do some workshops or research. We need to think of some great ideas we can work on together.

Today's pic is of a massive humphead wrasse on Wheeler Reef on the GBR.