Friday, January 30, 2009

Lab meeting 2009.1.21

Present: All but MH.

1. Tanks this week: YH.
2. Going to the beach; JDR and YH on Jan. 23rd as well as Kadena Marina. Let JDR know if you are interested.
3. Shopping? Slates ordered. Will order sterilizing tape.
4. FS - fondue tonight in the MISE lab from about 18:30 or 19:00. Mmmm... cheese.
5. Seatopia may be closing in March!
6. NCB - let JDR know if you can go, the dates for reservations are drawing close.
7. YM - his fish tanks are clean, so if you need a break check them out.

Next week: FS pictures of storks in Kagoshima.

Today's picture is of an Epizoanthus sp. These guys are cool, they look like aliens.