Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lab meeting 2009.1.7

First meeting of the new year!

Present: All.

1. Party tomorrow from 19:30 - JDR's parents are in town! Meet at the izakaya at the North Gate.
2. Laser pointer - has anyone seen it since the last seminar last year?
3. Tests - the university is closed to students from Jan. 17th to 18th due to entrance tests. If you wish to come to the university, get paperwork from the 5th floor, fill it out and hand it in to the 2nd floor. Please be quiet on these days even if you are here.
4. Tank monitor: YS.
5. Cleanup after the meeting - boxes and paper.
6. TF and MO will go to Sesoko tomorrow if the weather is OK (it wasn't, and the trip was cancelled).
7. FS will go to Hokkaido in Feb - contact him if you are interested.
8. Pay MO money for presents to YI's parents from Korijima trip.
9. 4th years - make reservations at Kikibunseki Center for poster printing (done; Feb. 18th at 2pm).
10. MO - his first paper was accepted! Congratulations!