Friday, January 30, 2009

Lab meeting 2009.1.28

Present: all but YS and YH.

1. Tanks this week: MO.
2. Habu - be careful! They are active even in winter.
3. Cars without entrance permit stickers need them by Feb. 27th. Get applications from the 2nd floor office.
4. CA is angry her scholarship money was reduced. BOOOOO! to the Japanese Ministry of Education and the 2nd floor office for a poor explanation.
5. JDR will go to Churaumi and Sesoko on Feb. 6th - let him know if you can go.
6. NCB - book ASAP (more details on this next week).
7. Suda-sensei's student Daphne will be working in our lab until the end of March sorting samples.

FS: Crane (NOT stork) pictures - very nice, but looks cold in Kagoshima!

Today's picture is of some zoanthids at Teniya last weekend (JDR, CA, TF).