Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A happy new school year!

Lab meeting on April 1st, 2009
Present: YS, MO, YM, TF, CA, FS, JDR, YI

1. Tanks keeper: YS (last week: YI)

2. Biology school office on 5th floor closes at 17:15
. Be careful!

Health check: Male- on April 10th Female- on April 13th

4. For Master students: Please present a progress report about your reserch every two weeks.
(2 students per week)

5. Please read 'General Lab Organization and Procedures' especially master students.

6. Don't use 0.2 ml tubes whose roofs are round for molecular experiment. Those tubes are defective. Use flat top one.

7. Ishigaki- April 28th~May 3rd Guam- May 23rd~ June 4th
Taiwan -June 22nd~26th (22~23: presentation 24~26: sampling)

7. Others: writing class, seminor, research plan of 4th years & master student, etc..

Pic. graduation ceremony of 4th years. ES has graduated from MISE! Congratulations

By Yuka