Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lab meeting April 22th, 2009

1. Tanks & Cleaning: FS -until 4/28th
(4/28th~5/6th: YM)

2. Progress reports: YM, CA

3. YH gave a presentation of his research plan.

4. There is a orientation for Sesoko Marine Biological Station on April 28th.

5. Make sure your classes are surely registered!

Field trip plan

・Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, Japan: 4/28th~5/3rd...members(JR, FS, MO, CA, YI)

・Ogasawara Island, Tokyo, Japan: 5/7th~14th.........JR, FS

・Guam: 5/23rd~6/4th........JR, FS, CA, MO, YI

Have a good Golden Week (almost 1 week holiday for Japanese)!
by yuka

Picture: Melithaea sp. from Kume Island, Okinawa, Japan- Photo by FS