Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lab meeting April 7th, 2009

Present: all

1. Tanks & cleaning: YH

2. There are 4th years' presentations on their research plan on April 20th (probably from 16:00).
Please come and give them your comments and advice!

3. Graduate course seminar will start from April 16th!

4. We decided who is in charge of each work.

JDR: Principal Investigator
FS: P.D.
MO: Lab boss
CA: Molecular, Lab fee, Remineder of tank keeper
YM: CA's tutor, TA (Assistant of 4th years' seminar)
TF: Morphology,
TA (Assistant of 4th years' seminar)
YI: Information (blog update, etc.), TA (Assistant of Biology experiment class) 
YH, YS, MH: Party organizer

Next week
・Research update reports: YI and TF
・YI will show some pictures of Thailand.

By yuka