Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lab meeting: Feb.12~ March 13th

Lab meeting: Feb.12, 2009
Absent: YS, YH, MO

1. tanks keeper: YM
FS made a tank sheet. Please fill in the paper. (about salinity
concentration and skimmers, etc..)

2.We have 1st-Aid Kit now. Please take it when you go to the beach.

3. Others (NCB meeting, final presentation: PhD & Master, etc..)

Lab meeting: Feb.19, 2009
Absent: FS, YM

1. tanks keeper: YM

2. Sampling in Guam: May 23rd~June 4th

3. Others (NCB, Symposium in
Churaumi aquqrium, Poster presentation of 4th years, etc..)

Lab meeting: March 13th, 2009
Absent: MO, YH, MH, YI, YM, TF

1. tanks keeper: FT

2. March 27th- We will do a Big Clean-up of Lab rooms.

3. March 29th- hotel buffet (graduation party of 4th years and JDR's birthday party!)

By Yuka