Friday, November 13, 2009

Heron Island day 2

Hard to upload pictures here; the internet link is satellite-based.

Updates from day 2:
1. Two dives for me today, both at North Heron Reef, backreef area. First dive was on a sandy channel bottom, lots of nice animals I had never seen, and lots of one species of zoanthid.
2. Second dive in coral and sand, shallower. Much more diverse, and a huge loggerhead checked us out on the way in.
On the way in we saw a school of baitfish getting eaten by birds and a shark - which was bigger than anything I had seen thus far in Okinawa!

Zoanthid species total: 7 (Palythoa caesia, P. heliodiscus, P. sp. 2 sensu Burnett 1997, P. cf. mutuki, Zoanthus aff. coppingeri sensu Burnett 1997, Z. sp. 1, unknown zoanthid sensu Fujii 2009
Samples: 30

Sunset and beer is a nice daily tradition observed both days thus far.

More tomorrow.