Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Things to remember while JDR is in Aus!

All lab members: Get Skype, then we can talk for free while I am in Australia! Ask MO, CA, or YI for my Skype address.

Things to remember while I am in Australia:

1. JCRS presenters (MO, YM, TF, YI): If you have a poster, do not forget to a. check it with me, and b. make a reservation to print it. You can print it using my "公費(教育)” that the Biology Office manages.
2. All lab members: Please help with formalin clean-up. Today's participants know how, so ask them. As well, we may be able to pay some money for helping!
3. YI: you are the chair for the next seminar on December 2nd. Don't forget the posters and PDFs!
4. Jobs in December - we will do paperwork in November by email while I am in Australia. Please remind me if you get the chance, I may forget!
5. M.Hirose will start work from November in the lab; please help her if she has any questions.
6. Work for lab members while i am gone:
a. MO - lab management, etc. Also, the freezer if it arrives.
b. YM - sclerites, DNA (COI, ITS, MutS) complete data sets (pink, purple, green morphs). Begin thesis!
c. TF and YI: continue as is. TF and YM need to help with my class (Nov. 18, 25).
d. CA - continue as is.
e. MH - check DNA data; begin thesis!
f. YH - data collection, begin thesis!
g. YS - DNA analyses, begin thesis!
h. HS - sampling! If you want, begin DNA (ask someone to help you).
i. MK - DNA extraction, examining Symbiodinium DNA.
j. OT - continue snail and host sampling.
k. TN - learn sampling and field ID.
l. MM - DNA results? Also, begin cnidome analyses if you want (ask TF or YI to help).

Good luck!

Swimming off to the distance at Manza.