Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lab meeting Nov. 4th

Lots of things today!

Present: YM, OT, TN, YH, MM, JDR
Absent: MO, TF, YI (Taiwan), CA (OIST), YS (fight!), MH (practical course), HS (class), MK (...)

1. JDR's specialty class will be taught by Kurihara-sensei on the 18th, Kimura-sensei on the 25th. YM and TF will arrange to help show them the room and help set up and take down. Yoroshiku!
2. Tanks this week: OT
3. Part-time jobs: a. Paperwork for MO, YM, YI, TF on their desks. Due Nov. 10th @ Biology Office.
b. December jobs: will do paperwork from Aus (JDR there Nov. 8th- Dec. 1st).
4. Health Check: Submit paperwork by today; free health check for those of us who dive lots.
5. Seminar: Don't forget the next one is Dec. 2nd - YI (chair), MM and MK (presenters).
6. Formalin help: today after seminar, in front of Fukugoto! Bring gloves.
7. While JDR is in Aus: a. continue experiments as much as possible
b. A new freezer (may??) come; MO will be in charge if it arrives while JDR is gone.
8. 3rd years PC: coming soon (Windows machine)
9. Camera: We have a new Canon G11 and housing - feel free to use, but please make sure you put it in freshwater soon after, and wash the weights carefully!
10. Research discussions before JDR goes: YM and TN: today, OT and YH: Friday, MK: tomorrow, HS and MM: will let me know after.


Today's pic: Tree frog helps with sampling, Costa Rica.