Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Taiwan Trip!

We (MO, YI, and I) are in Ryudao in Taiwan. We dove the last three days, and got a lot of samples which includes some interesting un identified samples.

Sea of the Ryudao is very nice. Visibility is good, and diversity of corals (scleractinian corals, soft bodied corals, ...)looks high (My knowledge is too lacking to evaluate).

The happiest thing is the schedule of a day between this sampling trip.

Getting up → Eating breakfast → Diving (2dive) → Taking warm shower → Eating lunch → Fixing the samples → Talking or Having rest → Eating dinner → Talking or Having rest → Go to bed!!

I was happy....

Today, we went to the hot spring. It maked us refreshed.

We will leave Ryudao tommorow. Thank you very much for the people who related this trip!!

I took the first picture at the place where used as prison. Probably, the buildings will be the marine sciense station!!
Otherpicture was taken by Dr. Hirose at the hotspring.