Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lab meeting 2008.12.10

Winter (Okinawa-style) is here. The 4th years are busy furiously writing their papers, and I am fighting a cold.

Here is this week's news from the lab meeting. Everyone here except FS, who is obviously lost in Osaka...
1. Tanks this week - TF.
2. Lab year-end party on the 21st in the evening. We will do something in the lab. YH and JDR are party planners. If the weather is nice, maybe a BBQ?!?
3. YI, TF, CA, MO, and JDR will go diving around Korijima on December 28th and 29th to conduct some surveys of benthos. It will be fun - if the weather cooperates. Other people are more than welcome to come and do some shore diving or snorkeling.
4. This Friday (12th) YH, CA, and JDR will go diving to practice sampling. Anyone else is welcome.
5. Today's pictures were by ES of Iejima - very nice. Makes me want to go there...

Lab orders this week: erector set, dictionary.

Today's image - a huge dust storm from the Sahara heading towards the Caribbean. From the NOAA site. Wonder if anyone has looked in detail at things like this in Okinawa with all the Gobi dust we get?

That's all for now.