Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lab meeting 2008.12.17

Updates from MISE:

Present: all but FS, who is still lost in Osaka (note - he has since come back).

1. Tanks this week: YI.
2. Koryo Japan-Taiwan scholarship due by end of this month for any students interested. Could be a good chance to go to Taiwan for some research.
3. Don't open the cooler on the deck - JDR has maguro guts in there!!
4. Don't forget your lab fees, 200 yen/month. We have been using it a bit lately as uni budget office is INCREDIBLY innefficient...
5. 4th years - first draft of your grad thesis due on the 20th - Saturday - at midnight!
6. Lab party (bonenkai) on the 21st. We will have a BBQ with maguro and mahimahi if the weather is nice. YH and JDR will organize.
7. Sunabe or Odo - diving and colony marking. YH and JDR will go on the 23rd. If you are interested please let us know.
8. YM will go to Sesoko Thursday or Saturday - again let him know if you can go.
9. Dec. 28th-29th; survey around Korijima. We will use YI's dad's boat. MO, YI, CA, TD, and JDR will go, and maybe YM will come to snorkel from shore.
10. Three more 2nd years have looked at the lab! Now have 8 people who are interested in potentially joining from next year!
11. JDR has a new job from January 1st - the lab will be able to do more research! Yah!
12. December 25th - XMAS - feel free to visit M and m at home in the afternoon. Bring some food if you can!

Today's photos were by TF, who talked about his "Ecological Survey of Ants in Room 352". Very well done! Next week FS and Osaka photos.

Today's image is of a marked P. tuberculosa colony at Sunabe by YH.