Friday, December 26, 2008

Lab meeting 2008.12.24

Asides from JDRs big adventure at the bonenkai, there is lots of news!

Present: All!

1. Party - wow. If you can donate 700 yen to the JDR fund, please do!
2. Over the winter holidays, the weather may turn bad, and/or we have to be careful about locking the doors. Don't forget to lock up and watch your valuables!
3. From January, JDR will have a new job and title. He may be suddenly busy, so do not believe his schedule, and if you make plans, try to invite other people too so that if JDR has a meeting it does not spoil your plans.
4. Korijima - MO, YI, TF, CA, JDR, and YM (snorkeling) will go to do a survey in this area from Dec. 28th to 29th. The weather looks good, so on the 27th we will get tanks from Seatopia. We will leave early on the 28th, and come back the 29th at night, staying at YI's house in Nago. There will be a meeting today after the seminar.
5. On January 3rd, we will go deep-sea fishing. Itg is 10500 JPY per person. Anyone who wants to come contact JDR!
6. XMA party at JDRs house from the vening of the 25th. Anyone welcome!
7. Anyone need a second screen for their PC? Let JDR know.
8. There are now 8 second years who are interested in MISE. Please invite them on sampling trips anytime.
9. Tank monitor this week: ES.
10. FS will go to an izakaya tonight, all welcome.
11. Sesoko tanks - After ES graduates, it would be good if someone can use them. Please think about this and contact JDR.

Merry Christmas!!!