Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2008.9.10 Meeting

Meeting notes from today - at 1 p.m. instead of 4.

Absent - MH and YH diving, TF in Yaeyama, ES at a practical course, and MO on his way to or from the airport.
Present - FS, YM, YS, YI, and JDR.

1. Typhoon coming! Check IMOC for details, but this nasty storm has cancelled the trip to Kumejima this weekend. Make sure all dive gear is inside, and no computers or electronic gear are near windows. Shut all windows as well.
2. 11th Japan Coral Reef Conference is in Shizuoka this year, Nov. 22-24. Application deadline for presentations is September 26th. If possible, it is highly recommended to go. Confirmed attendees: JDR, hoping others may come!
3. Sasagawa Scholarships for Research: MO received this for this year, so if you want to apply (4th years who are continuing and YM), see MO for advice and help.
4. Printer in the student room is out of ink. New ink has been ordered, but if you need something printed soon, use JDR's in his office.
5. For 3rd years:
a. lab fees (for stationary and other supplies that are too complicated and wasteful to get from the Uni) are 200 yen each month. Please put the money in the jar on the fridge, and check off the payment on the sheet on the fridge.
b. Slippers for the lab!
c. YH and YS - bring computers to hook up to the network.

See you next week - important meeting as we discuss Hedo camping.

Today's picture is MH starting her research at Manza. Great dives last week.