Wednesday, September 3, 2008

2008.9.3 Meeting

Quick lab meeting today, and not many people in attendance (FS being a tour guide, ES at a practical course, YS in Osaka, and YM and YH missing in action).

Here is a brief review of what was discussed:
1. This Friday dive/snorkel at Convention Center. 3rd years can practice field IDs of Zoanthus spp., and YI will do a transect or two.
2. Showed MH how to use the experiment room. She will then tell YS and YH, and the final person will make a word file with the rules to be posted in the lab.
3. 3rd years - buy slippers for the lab ASAP.

We then looked at the unused (relatively) common Biology rooms 305 and 306A. We may try to make a good microscope workstation in the room, depending on JDR's ability to find funding.

Today's picture is from Manzamo this Monday... does anyone know what species these two nudibranchs are?