Thursday, September 25, 2008

Camping @ Cape Hedo - Day 3

Thanks to the air conditioning, people wake up slightly later today.

8:30am: Breakfast - pancakes! By YH and YS.
8:30-10am: Cleaning up and packing.
10am: Check out. We hit the road heading south from Cape Hedo along the eastern coast of Okinawa.
11am: Arrive at Yona Tunnel dive point, thanks to guidance by TF. Everyone except YS and M&M head for the water.
12:30pm: Back on the beach. Nice dive, lots of current and zoanthids. Find some rare unknown specimens, and Parazoanthus gracilis too.
2pm: Lunch in Nago, at a soba restaurant near YI's parents' home.
5pm: Everyone is back at the university, cleaning and unpacking.

A great trip! As is said in Japanese, "otsukare sama"!

Picture: The alien world of Yona Tunnel point.