Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lab Meeting 2008.9.17

Lots to discuss today...

1. Lab camping next week at Cape Hedo-misaki. We have rented a bungalow for two nights - everyone can come except MO, who will be in Singapore at Raffles Biodiversity Museum. Camping details...
a. Groups of two people will be responsible for one meal each. JDR will get some meat for BBQs this weekend. All food costs willl be divided evenly.
b. We need 28 tanks!!
c. Bring sleeping bags, fun stuff, and drinks too (juice, etc.).
d. JDR, FS, YI, and YM will drive cars.
e. Each person needs to pay about 1500 yen for the two nights to JDR.

Also, normal meeting items...
2. Slippers for the lab for YH and YS. YH needs to explain lab rules to YS.
3. JDR and YS will snorkel at Convention Center this Friday from 10am - Zoanthus spp. identification practice and snorkeling practice.
4. FS kindly asks that when you are doing experiments to put your slippers back on the shelf to not crowd the entrance.
5. ES, MO, and YM will get ocean water for the lab tanks from Sesoko. If this doesn't work we will switch back to weekly responsibility for everyone.
6. Please write your name on the hub end of the LAN cables in the student room. The hub has 7 ports, and there are 9 students - this is necessary to avoid disconnecting people from the net inadvertantly. Another hub has been ordered and should arrive soon.

Picture today of an Epizoanthus illoricatus colony at 30m at Manza.