Thursday, September 25, 2008

Camping @ Cape Hedo - Day 1

Hello - back from a great camping trip to Cape Hedo at the northern end of Okinawa. All members except MO (in Singapore) were able to participate. Weather was great, dives were fine, and everyone managed to dive or snorkel and get some research done.

As camping was 3 days - I will just do a quick overview of each day, so to start here is Day 1.

10 am: FS, TF, YI and JDR meet at Seatopia and fill up their cars with 28 tanks!
11 am: YM starts getting sampling gear ready in the lab with MH.
12 noon: Leave the university. BIG RAIN - uh oh.
2:30 pm: Shopping for food in Nago.
4:30 pm: Arrive in Oku and check in.
5:00 pm: A quick trip to Oku Beach for a snorkel.
8:30 pm: Dinner - chicken BBQ by FS and YM.
10:00 pm: Poker - taught by JDR, but he loses big - MH is the big winner.

Everyone falls asleep before midnight after a long day!