Thursday, September 25, 2008

Camping @ Cape Hedo - Day 2

HOT! The heat wakes most people (except M) up at about 6:30 or 7.
7am: Off to Oku Beach for a quick snorkel! Nice way to wake up.
8am: Breakfast - wow, like a restaurant - by ES and MH.
9:30am: Off to the beach for a dive - some people go to Oku, others to Hedo for a more adventurous entrance. Great dives, not too deep, but lots of coral and zoanthids.
1pm: Everyone is back at the bungalow. The river is a perfect way to wash the saltwater out of your wetsuit.
1:30pm: Lunch - okonomiyaki by YI and TF. Amazingly, no bones in it!
2:30pm: More people off for the next dive.
5pm: Back again. Frisbee, naps, or relaxing.
7pm: BBQ dinner again - JDR and MR make pork ribs with sauce.
9pm: Night dive or snorkel - Oku. Lots of lobster out and about. Very dark night, you can see Yoron Island and the Milky Way.
11:30pm: TF starts preparing seafood; like an "inaka izakaya". Poker breaks out.
3am: The end of poker, bedtime with the aircon on - we have learned from yesterday.

Picture: The perfect place for research! Oku Beach.