Monday, November 3, 2008


Here are some pics of Chiba, where TF and I (FS) are learning histology with Yanagi-sensei who is a very good professor. We are both totally enthusiastic with histology and nematocysts studies as we can see "immediate" results and it's quite fun to do.
Takuma concentrated on the selection of the polyps to cut.
In counterpart we showed Yanagi-san DNA extractions, and we will show him PCRs in the next days.
We enjoyed to go get some samples while the polyps were getting embedded.

Smily happy fish in the collection of the Chiba Museum
Smily fishes in my plate, in the menu: blue marlin, katsuo (the one on the way back to south, supposed to be different than the one from spring) and some other delicious fishes.

Now the polyps are embedded, the paraffin is hard so we need to trim our paraffin block and fix them so tomorrow we can start cutting, it looks easy but it is real art and f.....g difficult (at least for me and my two left hands).
Tomorrow will be a very long day slicing polyps and hoping that the sand will not mess everything...